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Enjoy International helps multinational corporations overcome skill deficits in their workforce and fill mission-critical job roles through both standard training packages that instill industry-independent professional skills, as well as a customized approach to address companies’ unique requirements.


Hyperion Webbing is a global manufacturer of cargo control, lifting & rigging and personal safety equipment such as lifting slings, ratchet tie-downs and fall protection harnesses.  In addition to standard product lines, we specialize in creating custom product solutions for a broad range of industries and uses.


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ProfessionalConnection.Biz is a network of comprehensive sources of curated business information and economic trends in state/provincial and local markets.  Every piece of curated news and information is rigorously subjected to the highest quality standards and is personally reviewed by our editors prior to publication to verify authenticity.


SECURE Sling & Strap offers a premium line of tow straps and ratchet tie-downs to industries where safety and reliability are the most important considerations: Auto & Offroad, Home & Outdoor, Manufacturing & Warehousing and Transportation & Trucking.

We also partner with world-class manufacturers to bring the newest, most innovative products to the market via our online product portal, securesling.com.